Upcoming Litters

Monet and Picasso's Litter is due February 8th

We are extremely excited to announce that the breeding between Monet and Picasso was a success! Monet's puppies are expected around Feb. 08. These babies will be multigenerational Labradoodles with wool or fleece coats; which will be extremely low to non shed and allergy friendly. This is a repeat breeding of these two; and their puppies from their last litter were absolutely amazing! We're guesstimating these puppies to finish out around 40-60lbs. They will be registered with Continental Kennel Club (CKC) and will be placed with spay/neuter contracts. These puppies will be CLEAR for over 140 different genetic diseases.

For information about getting on our wait list or reservation list contact us here.

About The Parents

Monet is an F2b Labradoodle with a very curly wool coat. She is about 42lbs and stands at almost 22" at the shoulders. She has a non shed coat. She has had extensive genetic health testing done and plan on furthering her health testing soon. You are able to view her results here. Monet is a very sweet girl, and a very attentive, protective mother. She has made a wonderful addition to our family because she has a way of knowing when we need extra cuddles from her.

Picasso is an ALD/multigen cross Labradoodle with a very nice wavy fleece coat that is non shed and allergy friendly (you couldn't ask for a better coat on a Labradoodle). He is roughly 50lbs and stands close to 24" at the shoulders. He has had extensive genetic health testing done w plan on furthering his health testing soon. You aree to view his results here. Picasso is such a lover boy and such a gentle dog. he has been wonderful with our children and plays so nice with the puppies (when they're old enough).