Read what our puppy families think of our puppies that we have placed with them, and their Dandy Doodle and now Poodle experience. We are proud to provide life-time support to all of our puppy buyers and are eager to welcome them into our Dandy Doodle and Poodle family.

The Henry Family

This is Baxter. Each of us in our family shares a unique bond with him and we cannot imagine our life without him. Baxter has been a member of our family since he was 12 weeks old. He will be 4 years old on July 15. I can’t say enough positive things about our experience with the Baileys at dandydoodles. Communication and availability was over the top. Marsha is extremely experienced with raising Labradoodles and her attention to details made all the difference for us. Baxter came with all the required veterinary visits and immunization paperwork. Marsha taught him basic grooming habits- even as a young puppy, he always received compliments about his behavior during grooming sessions. When the time comes for Baxter to have a buddy, we will go back to Dandydoodles in a heartbeat!

I purchased my Dandy Doodle in June of 2014. I’d been searching high and low for the right doodle but could never find one. I just happened to come across Marsha Bailey of Dandy Doodles and Poodles of San Antonio. This was awesome as I’m right on the outskirts of town!  Marsha immediately welcomed my family and I and allowed us to come to her home and meet our potential new pup. She never rushed us. Allowed us to play with Cosmo and ask a million questions. We got to meet Cosmo’s parents, the other pets of the house, and see how they live. We fell in love with Cosmo and decided to buy him. We picked him up the next day. Cosmo is my first dog. I didn’t know how to raise a dog when I bought him but Marsha sent me home with food, chew toy, and detailed instructions on how to start bonding with my pup!  She’s truly knowledgeable!


My boy has since grown into a well behaved, sweet, and intelligent doodle. I couldn’t ask for a better dog. His temperament is perfect. He gets along well with our rescue pointer who was severely abused. He takes care of her!  He’s even gotten our two cats to like him!  Cosmo is sweet but he has started to learn to protect us and his house. We didn’t teach him that but he just decided to take care of his own. I love this because he will alert us to any intruders should one come along!  I’ve even caught him protecting my 1 1/2 year old nephew!  He stands near him and growls if strangers get too close. I know that doesn’t matter to some people but it does to me!  I love the extra security. 


Cosmo is extremely healthy.  His vet says that she’s never seen a more healthy pup. I’ve never had to take him to the vet other than for his booster shots.  Marsha has bred very healthy and sweet tempered dogs. I know this personally because I stay in contact with his siblings and other Dandy Doodle pups regularly. How cool is it that Dandy Doodle’s has their own page for all of us folks lucky enough to own one to keep in touch and celebrate each other’s mile stones?  


If you’re looking for a doodle. Look no further!  You will get a well adjusted, amazingly intelligent dog that is healthy and will easily take to your home!  Cosmo never cried and since he was litter pan trained, it took no longer than a couple of weeks to have him fully potty trained. Not much work needed, either!  


My most favorite thing about owning a Dandy Doodle though is the support that Marsha has provided me!  I’ve messaged and called her thousands of times for advice from accidents (my kid got wax in his fur), to grooming tips, to product recommendations. She’s literally held my hand from day 1!  Most people will sell u a dog, take your money, and tell you to have a nice life. Not Marsha!  When you buy a Dandy Doodle, you become a part of their family. Family for life!  I will definitely be purchasing another Dandy Doodle!


Brenda Roberts