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Monet and Picasso Puppies Have Arrived!

Monet blessed our home with 11 gorgeous parti color Labradoodles on February 7, 2020. It was a long labor, by the time the 11th puppy arrived her and I were both exhausted. Mama and puppies are all doing great! I'm amazed as to how quickly time has flown by, they will be 2 weeks old soon! They are growing so quickly, and soon they will be starting to open their eyes, Then shortly after that (about 2 1/2 weeks - 3 weeks of age) their ears will open and they will be able to hear. Two very exciting and important milestones for puppies and us. All of the puppies are eating well and gaining weight. We will be posting pictures of these babies on our "Available Puppies" page. There are 5 girls, 6 boys- all parti color in either black, chocolate, red or sable. These babies are gorgeous and will be even more stunning when they get older! We have been quite busy snuggling and kissing these adorable puppies. We have also been doing more than that. These puppies have already started with their first training sessions. We use ENS (Early Neuro Stimulation) in the raising of our puppies. Through simple movements and exposing our puppies to specific things at an early age will help them immensely later in life.

Are you interested in reserving one of these precious babies? Would you like to know our adoption process?

We actually have a page with that information, but I will just go over that now while we're here. The first step to take is to get on our wait list. We usually have a list already started by the time our puppies are born in order to ensure all of our puppies have homes waiting for them by the time they are really to join their new families at 9 weeks of age. In order to get on our wait list you will need to fill out and submit a Puppy Application and have read though our Purchase Agreement. Once we receive your Puppy Application we will review it and contact you. Being placed on our wait list does not guarantee order of picking your puppy, being placed on our wait list only guarantees that you will have a puppy to pick. Once the puppies are born we will contact all of our families on our list to let them know puppies are here. Pictures of the puppies will be sent to all interested families. We do not recommend choosing specifically by color. There is so much more to a puppy/dog than just their color. We recommend going by temperament (which we can direct you towards puppies that would match what you are looking for). Generally speaking, all of our puppies are about the same in regards to temperament. They have a nice balance of being a playful puppy and having a calm temperament. Although there can always be one that is a bit more outgoing, or one that would prefer snuggling rather than chasing after a ball, or ones that are more treat motivated then others. So we are more than happy to help you choose your puppy since we are with them 24/7 and know their specific personalities. We also recommend to not fixate on one specific puppy. We always suggest to have at least two or three favorites just in case one isn't available when our turn to choose comes. We do picks at 4 weeks of age. We know our lines very well and know what our puppies are like. We can spot personalities at this age. By choosing your puppy at 4 weeks it gives you the remaining 5 weeks to bond with your puppy through the photos and videos we send. We also do live feed videos on our Facebook page so that our waiting families and potential future families have the opportunity to see the puppies in real live time action. The families on our wait list will be told what date/dates the puppy picks will happen. A week before this date the families will get a reminder text or email so they can be ready for that special day. We will contact each person on our wait list and let them know that it is their turn to choose their puppy. Usually by this time most families already have at least two in mind. If we are not able to reach a family either by text or phone call on the day of puppy picks, we will move on to the next family on the list. Puppies can only be reserved once you have submitted your reservation fee which is non-refundable and applied to the price of your puppy. If you are not prepared to place the $400 reservation fee at the time it's your turn to choose your puppy, you will not be able to place that puppy on hold and the next family will be contacted. Once we have received the reservation fee, the puppy of your choice is taken off the availability list and will be placed on hold. We will still include photos of your puppy when we post photos on our Facebook page, but it will be made very clear that the puppy has been reserved. I do my best to send photos to families at least once a week. Sometimes life for us gets busy and I may forget, just contact me and I will send photos as soon as I can. Your puppy will be ready to join your family at the age of 9 weeks. We like to keep our puppies a little longer than some breeders, to be sure that they have learned as much as they can from their mother and siblings. Puppies can also experience a fear phase at 8 weeks, and let face it... transitioning from one home to another is stressful enough for a puppy. Also, since we vaccinate our puppies at 7 weeks of age, keeping them until 9 weeks allows us enough time to be sure that none of the puppies experience vaccination related issues. The remaining balance is due either on or before the pick up date. If you are considering using an electronic payment system such as Venmo or Apple Pay, I would recommend sending the final payment no later than a day or two before pick up day. Sometimes those services place holds on the funds and unfortunately our puppies don't leave until final payment has cleared. We have a few payment options for you to choose from and will be gone over when you initially place the reservation fee- We do not accept checks or credits cards.

Our process works very smoothly and our puppy families enjoy all the photos and videos they receive while waiting for the puppy to be ready to come home. We do allow visitation with your puppy if you live in the area. We do have very strict protocols though because our main concern is the health and well-being of our puppies. Visitations are only allowed by appointment and visitors will be given specific instructions prior to their visit.

A little information about the parents of these beautiful puppies.


is our F2b chocolate parti color Labradoodle. She has more of an Alpha personality and is pretty outgoing. She is super sweet and adores attention. Monet loves to play with balls and toys with squeakers in them. Her favorite past time is to steal everyone elses toys because as far as she's concerned they're all hers! She is a wonderful mother and is equally a wonderful family companion. We brought Monet home when she was 8 weeks old, she is now almost 3yrs. She has been such a joy to have. She loves our children and just enjoys spending time with our family. She had her first litter January 2019 and absolutely adores her puppies. Monet weighs 42lbs and is about 22" at the shoulders. She has a very curly wool coat and does not shed. She has had a full DNA genetic health panel done through Embark Vet. She is CLEAR for over 140 genetic diseases that her puppies are also clear for. You can view the list of diseases she was tested for on "Our Dogs" page. It's not the complete list, but the most common diseases Labradoodles are tested for. The complete list is available upon request.


is our multigenerational Labradoodle stud dog. He is such a laid back and sweet boy. He was such a blessing to add to our family and our breeding program. He loves our children and is very watchful over them. He enjoys going for walks and car rides to our local feed store to pick out treats and whatever other goodies he finds. We brought this fun loving guy home when he was 10 weeks old and now he's just over 2yrs. He has only just started his stud dog career with us, this litter only being his third. The girsl we have paired him with have had absolutely stunning puppies. Picasso weighs close to 50lbs and is 24" at the shoulders. He has a very soft (when I say soft, I mean like angora rabbit soft) fleece coat that is wavy. He does not shed and his coat is so easy to maintain. He has had a full DNA genetic health panel done through Embark Vet. He is also CLEAR for over 140 genetic diseases that his offspring are also clear for. You can view the list of diseases he was tested for on "Our Dogs" page. It's not the complete list, but the most common diseases Labradoodles are tested for. The complete list is available upon request.

Well I'm going to wrap this up for now. It's been awhile since the last time I posted anything. I just get so busy either taking care of our dogs and puppies, or our children. It's quite easy to lost track of time.The purpose of this post I guess is to formally announce the arrival of Monet's lil blessings.Visit us on Facebook and like our page to get updates about these puppies or future litters. For those of you that have decided to make the huge decision to bring home one of these lil furballs... I look forward to getting to know you during these next few weeks.

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