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Puppies' Milestone...

Hey everyone, and welcome to this week's blog. Well this week is going to be quite eventful for these lil guys. We start weaning today and they will also be de-wormed again for the second time (have to keep up on those nasty internal parasites!) They have had their litter pans placed in their environments and started using them... awesome! In about a week I will introduce a kennel into their sleeping areas so that they can get used to going in and out of it. Crate training is a very important phase in a puppy's life. Some people may not like the idea of "locking" their puppy in a crate, but think of it this way... it keeps your baby from getting into things that can harm him or her. Crate training also helps with outdoor potty training. If a crate is not for you, then I would recommend at least using an ex pen. They are easy to set up and you can also continue using the litter pan for a few extra weeks until your puppy has the bladder and bowel control to not make a mess in their area. Anyway, focus, I can do another blog about that... lol... Sometime this week they will be getting their first bath. How exciting! I like to get our puppies started on grooming as early as possible. This makes life so much easier for the new families, their groomers and way less stressful for the puppies. They get a bath from head to toe, introduced to the high velocity dryer, they get their ears cleaned and nails trimmed. At this age they won't need a lot of trimming of the coat, but I do use the scissors by the eye area to get them used to being held properly and used to being worked on in that area. I will be shaving out the sanitary areas and their pads. So pretty big week for these babies. I may even do a video and post it... we'll see. I'd have to have someone available to do the video with me, lol.

They are all growing up so fast. I had started to do update photos on Sunday, still working on the rest. I was able to do a photo shoot of Lily's puppies, and edited the photos. I think they turned out really nice. Bruno's (Lily's chocolate boy) family are absolutely in love with him, not that I can blame them... he's gorgeous! Crocus is still looking for a family, as well as Big Sister and Lil Sister from Magenta's litter and Omega from Elvira. I will be getting update photos of everyone on here soon. Now that these guys have found their legs it's a bit more difficult to get clear pictures of them, lol.

The puppies are getting more mobile now. They are so much fun to watch as they play. They are still wobbly and don't quite have their balance yet. So when they play with each other it's a riot. Nothing makes me laugh more, than watching a puppy pawing at a sibling, and even though he/she is sat down, falls over... lol. By this time next week they will be running around like champs and probably biting our toes when we go into their areas. They haven't started the nibbles yet, but when they do we will start training them not to right away.

Magenta, Lily and Elvira are doing great! Even though they all had small litters this time around, they have all worked very hard to raise these beautiful puppies. Magenta and Lily will be getting periods of "me time" now that their puppies are old enough to start weaning. These two girls deserve it! lol They will be allowed to come and go as they please since their puppies don't need constant care anymore. Elvira will still be spending a lot of time with her lil girl. She has been such an attentive mother to Omega. Elvira had even gone around the house to collect "siblings" for Omega so that she wouldn't be alone. Just makes my heart melt.... I couldn't ask for a better group of mama dogs really. They are truly amazing with their puppies.

Well thank you for taking the time to read about what our puppies and mamas have been up to this week. I love sharing what is going on with our puppies and invite anyone with questions to contact us. Check back for more updates and photos on the Nursery Page. Have a wonderful day! I know I will... mmmmm puppy breath!

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