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Elvira's Puppy Has Arrived...

Elvira in early labor on 4/30/2018

Well, all the waiting and anticipation is finally over. Elvira went into labor Monday evening. It was a long wait until she finally went into active labor yesterday evening. I thought I felt two last week while I was still trying to figure out if she was actually going to have puppies or if she was just going through a false pregnancy. She was showing some signs of pregnancy, but was not filling out as if she had a litter coming. Well, apparently I didn't feel two puppies, I was only feeling the one. Although she is the only one Elvira had, she is still a bonus considering I wasn't expecting any from Elvira. So this lil girl is very special. Elvira is done now having puppies. She will now be retired from our breeding program and take on "grandma" role with our other retired girl, Cadbury. Together they will help socialize our future puppies to become comfortable around larger dogs.

So continuing with our tradition of giving all of our litters theme names, we decided on calling this little girl "Omega". As she was the only one and the last of Elvira's puppies. Obviously when she leaves us with her new family we don't expect her to keep that name, but it really does suit her. Omega is quite a lively little puppy. She is a good size, eating very well, makes noise when she needs to alert mama... I couldn't be happier! Job well done Elvira! Mama and baby are doing great by the way. Elvira has always been and excellent mama and she continues to be very protective over this puppy too. There will be pictures of Omega posted when I get a chance to do them. Pictures will be posted on our Nursery Page as well as our page on Facebook. Be sure to check out our Facebook page for live stream videos, pictures and more information regarding this puppy as well as the others that are still available.

Have a wonderful day everyone! I'm going to give cuddles to some extremely adorable puppies now.

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