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Puppy Updates...

Guess who is able to see what is going on around them? That's right! Magenta and Lily's puppies eyes are opening! What an exciting time for puppies. They not only can hear what is going on around them, but now they can also see what is going on. Of course right now it is pretty blurry until their eyes focus a bit more. But look at that beautiful face!

These beautiful babies are growing so fast I can hardly keep up. Magenta's puppies are two weeks old today and Lily's puppies will be two weeks old on Wednesday. They're eyes started to open a few days ago and this morning everyone's eyes are wide open and getting ready for adventures. Their legs are also getting stronger and they are starting to try to stand. They definitely need more work on holding their bodies up, so they won't be running in the Olympics anytime soon, lol; but they sure are adorable to watch trying to get themselves up and take that first step, which usually ends up in a roll. Today Magenta's puppies were wormed for the first time in order to get on top of any internal parasites that they may have. Here at Dandy Doodles we do our best to keep these nasty things in check. It's so hard with puppies though, which is why we worm our puppies every two weeks. Lily's puppies will be getting wormed on Wednesday. One thing's for sure, with having such small litters this time wormings, microchips and vaccinations will be a breeze, lol! Let's see, what else... oh yeah, this week will also be their first toe nail trimming; have to keep those nails and short as possible so the mamas won't get all scratched up.

We are always doing something with these lil bundles. Tomorrow is photo shoot day. So the families that have already sent their reservation fees will be getting update photos of the puppies they chose today, and new photos of the available puppies will be posted here as well as on our Facebook page (www.Facebook.com/sadandydoodles). If you get a chance check them out. We have continued with the Bio Sensory Stimulation which is a wonderful program for these young puppies. Through touch we are also acclimating our puppies to be used to being touched on the feet, between the toes, the tail, the ears, looking in the mouth, touching around the eyes and face etc. By doing this, it helps our puppies to be better adjusted and have confidence into adulthood.

It is amazing how much these babies will change with looks in such a short period of time. Before you know it, these guys will be fluffy balls of fur running amuck in our home; chasing the cat, figuring out what the ferret is, trying to terrorize the bird, lol! But for me I look forward to that time. Their personalities start to come out and they definitely keep me busy. Litter pan training also starts next week. No matter how many litters I have done this with I am still amazed as to how quickly they catch on to using the potty tray. By 8 weeks of age they will be 100% litter pan trained and house training will be so much easier on their new families.

Also another update in regards to Elvira. There for awhile we had thought that we weren't going to be having one last litter from her. She has totally kept us in the dark guessing this entire time. But then the other day we felt puppies moving. SUCCESS!!! So this will be her Retirement litter. Once she has raised these babies she will be retired from our breeding program. Elvira will be spayed and take on "grandma" role with our other retired girl, Cadbury. It's sort of a bittersweet feeling... This will be our last litter of F1b Labradoodles, the last of Elvira puppies... but she sure has left a wonderful legacy, along with Apple. Our sweet baby that we had to put to rest last week. Elvira and Apple's line will be continued with Magenta and Cello. So check back to see what puppies Elvira has. Take care everyone and thank you for taking the time out of your lives to read about my puppies.

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