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The Loss of a Loved One...

The loss of a loved pet is like no other loss. Now I'm not comparing the loss of a pet to a human, but we do build closer bonds with our pets than we do with people, that is a pure fact. When we lose our precious furry babies it hits us hard. We are feeling that loss here today. Apple, our foundation stud dog that started it all with Dandy Doodles had to leave us today. It has been a very sad, heart wrenching day here. Apple was such a loving dog, all he wanted was to lay his head in your lap and get his neck rubbed. Having to say goodbye to this gentle. sweet guy makes me realize just how little time we have with our furry loved ones. My heart is broken, even though I know it is what was best for him. Apple is no longer in pain, his spirit can run free with the wind. Saying goodbye is such a hard thing to do when you love someone so much. Giving that last kiss, telling them goodbye, that soon they will be in a happier place. Out of kindness and compassion we do what is best for our pets, our loved ones. Even a breeder such as myself, one that builds a bond with their dogs, loves them like one of their own children, experiences a giant piece of their heart being ripped out. I can take in the joy knowing that although he is gone now, his spirit will live on through his beautiful puppies and grand puppies. There will always be a part of him out there somewhere loving other families. My sweet Apple, my dear sweet Apple... may you rest in peace. One day I hope that we find each other again, because I know if we do... you will want to get your neck rubbed and I will be so happy to do it. Rest in peace my dear sweet boy....

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