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The Long Wait is Almost Over

Well our waiting is almost over. Lily and Magenta are due to have their puppies next week. We are so excited here at Dandy Doodles to have the whimpering sounds of puppies again. I, as well as the families on our wait list, are very anxious to see what these litters will bring. I'm crossing my fingers that Lily will give me that elusive chocolate girl that I have been waiting so long for. Both Lily and Magenta are doing great. They aren't able to keep their secrets no longer. Those gorgeous baby bellies have started to show their pregnancies. Both girls were bred to our fabulous Standard Poodle stud, Phantom. We were going to try an outside stud for Lily, but unfortunately the male we were planning on breeding her to, grew to be to big. So we decided it would just be best to continue using our handsome guy. I will be getting their quiet areas that they will be having their puppies ready soon. Puppies could possibly come any day now, so need to be prepared. It's always a tense time just before girls are due. This is about the time I go on labor watch. I don't really leave the house much, and when I do it's only because I have to and I'm not gone for very long. I have to be sure that everything is ready at a moment's notice. Sometimes the girls catch me off guard like Latte did in December, lol. But it all worked out in the end, and at least I was somewhat prepared... she just had her puppies in the living room instead of our bedroom like we usually have them set up. So, Lily and Magenta are both doing wonderfully. Their appetites have been horrendous, although very picky. They have been enjoying a partial raw diet for the past few weeks. So keep an eye out for updates here, or if you have a Facebook account I post updates there as well. You can find us at www.Facebook.com/sadandydoodles.

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