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Thoughts of a breeder...

Well we survived our first litter of Standard Poodles by Latte and Phantom. They had an amazing litter together! Again, we had very happy families amazed as to how sweet these babies were and how quickly they are catching on to training. We even kept two girls for our Labradoodle breeding program to introduce more color into our lines. I'm very excited about that! Now we are preparing for our next litters of Labradoodle puppies. Lily, Magenta and Elvira all came into season at the same time so we are expecting lots of puppies in April. This will be Elvira's last litter if the breeding took. It's her time to retire and just be grandma and lay about on the sofa with our other retired girl Cadbury. We have lots of eager people waiting on our reservation lists; I'm just hoping we have what everyone is looking for. Most of these puppies will be standard size F1b and F1bb Labradoodles. You can see our parents-to-be on our Upcoming Litters page. There you will be able to see pictures of the parents, a brief description and look at their puppies from past litters. It's a good way to get an idea of how each parents' puppies will end up.

In the mean time there have been a few updates with how our website looks with the hopes to make navigation easier for everyone. I am still working on it... deleting some things, adding new things. Even when we have no puppies, there is always something puppy/ dog related needed to be done it seems. I have also noticed that I haven't added pictures of our upcoming future dogs that will be added to our breeding program. I am very proud of these puppies, most of which are from my own lines. We will be adding multigenerational Labradoodles to our breeding program at the end of the year. I'm so excited about that, as this has been my goal since I started to raise Labradoodles. I have my friend at Ruby Valley Labradoodles to thank for this achievement, because she is where I found my future multigen Labradoodle stud dog from. Picasso has been a dream boat, and fingers crossed all goes well with hips and testing, because I think he and his future girls will match up nicely.

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