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Almost That Time again...

Well... it's almost that time again when we have to start saying goodbye to our puppies and hope their families will stay in contact with us. Latte's puppies are 7 weeks old now and will start leaving us in a little over a week. This has been an amazing litter. So much color and the different patterns, I'm loving it. This was our first litter of Standard Poodles and I am so glad we decided to expand our breeding program to include them. Latte has been a wonderful first time mother. She was very attentive and still very active with wanting to take care of her puppies. I am quite sure the families that have decide to make these puppies part of their family will be just as happy with them as I am. I am also very happy that I will be keeping one of these adorable babies. She is a brown phantom that will add to my breeding program. So there is a lot more to do with these babies before they leave, but they have come so far already.

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