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We are extremely excited about the birth of Latte's puppies on December 5th 2017. We have been waiting for 2yrs to see what Latte and Phantom would produce. Let me tell you I am over the moon with this gorgeous litter!!! She had sables, phantoms and browns, having two males and six females. They are now 16 days old and waiting for their eyes to open. They are growing like lil roses in their garden. Latte has turned out to be such a wonderful mother. She was a bit freaked out while giving birth, but by the end of the delivery she was cleaning and mothering them like she has had litters before. She has been very attentive and patient with these lil squirmy squealing babies, lol. The best part is cuddling with them and listening to their lil puppy noises they make... soooo cute!

On a sad note though... we were hoping to have our first litter of second generation labradoodles coming this week. Unfortunately the breeding with Elvira didn't take. I may try the stud again with Lily but have her stay with him longer. I will have to see how I feel about that though. So no Labradoodles until spring time. I'm sad, but I will have my hands full with Latte's litter here in a few weeks.

Merry Christmas everyone! May the new year bring you many blessings. Maybe a Standard Poodle... whose to say, lol.

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