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Maybe Christmas Puppies in the making...

So much exciting things are happening here at Dandy Doodles and Poodles. First, we did a breeding a few weeks ago between Phantom, our Standard Poodle stud that we have used on all of our recent litters and Latte... our newest hopeful mama to be. Latte is a gorgeous silver beige small Standard Poodle. She has a very sweet, out going personality. We are crossing our fingers that the breeding took and are anxiously waiting to see the lil surprises she has for us. Between the colors that Phantom and Latte carry we will have some amazing looking puppies.

Now we are in the process of breeding our very sweet F1 Labradoodle, Elvira, to an outside stud this time. We are very excited about this opportunity to introduce new lineage into our lines. This breeding is between Bentley, a silver beige F2b Labradoodle and our Elvira. We are very excited about this breeding for the reason that we will be having our first litter of F2 Labradoodles AND with crossing fingers more chocolate puppies in this litter. So a great big thank you to Valencia's Labradoodles for making this a possibility!!!

So with all of this going on, we still have growing puppies that are requiring a lot of our time, and even more so now that they are starting to wean off their mamas. Which also means more mess for us to clean. It is all worth while though, when the chores are finished and we get to sit down and play with and snuggle these wonderful babies. My family and I are going to miss these guys for sure. We spend so much time with them, we just can't help but to get attached. So Magenta and Lily's puppies are going on 5 weeks old now. They are playing and running and their lil personalities are starting to pop out. Some are more outgoing, some like to sit back and be chilled. But one thing they all have in common... they all love to be cuddled and held. No matter how playful one or the other is, they will literally fall asleep in your arms. I so love that about our puppies. But anyway, back to what they have been up this past week. They have been doing great with potty pad training, so tomorrow we will be placing a litter pan in their area to get them started with using a pan. They usually catch on real quick. They will also be introduced to a crate and get their first groom done. Big week for these little guys.

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