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Magenta and Lily's puppies are here!!!

Dandy Doodles welcomes two more beautiful litters to the world. Magenta had her puppies on September 18, 2017, delivering four gorgeous, healthy babies ( 2 girls 2 boys). She had two black abstract girls, one apricot boy and one apricot abstract boy. Most of these puppies look to have a wool coat, except for the apricot boy, he looks like he may have a fleece coat... will have to wait and see. Magenta's puppies will be in the standard size Labradoodle range, being approx. 50-65lbs, 21'-25' at the shoulders. They will have super sweet personalities, wonderful calm temperaments and extremely smart. Any family that chooses one of Magenta's puppies will be incredibly happy with their choice.

Lily had her puppies on September 20, 2017, delivering eight gorgeous babies (3 girls 5 boys). Unfortunately we lost the girl I was going to keep due to Lily accidentally laying on her when she was only 3 days old (RIP my sweet Cocoa). The other seven are doing wonderfully and growing like a bed of roses on miracle grow. Lily has one black abstract girl, one solid black girl, two solid black boys, one black abstract boy, one chocolate boy and one red boy. All of the puppies are doing great and gaining lots of weight. Her puppies are also going to be in the standard size range with the abstract boy possibly weighing as much as 70lbs when full grown (he's a big guy!!!). They will have a very nice silky fleece coat. These puppies will also have very sweet personalities, wonderfully calm temperaments and extremely smart. As with Magenta's litter, any family that chooses one of Lily's puppies will be extremely happy with their choice.

This week is a very busy week for our puppies. Eyes are opening, they are becoming more mobile, some are even learning to bark. On top of introducing Bio Sensory Stimulation into their daily routine, they will be getting their nails trimmed and wormed. Now, this may seem like no big deal to you or me, but for a 2 week old puppy this is a major ordeal because it will interrupt dinner/nap time, lol. Seriously though, quite honestly it's no big deal getting nails trimmed. It is best to start them at such a young age, so that they are used to is when they are older and need to go to the groomers or if you attempt to do it yourself.

So if you are interested in any of the puppies we have available, contact us and I would be so happy to give you more information about these precious babies of ours.

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