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We are having puppies soon...

We are so exciting that both breedings to Lily and Magenta were successful! Both mama to be's are are doing great. Both are gaining weight and starting to show their beautiful round baby bellies. The time is getting closer and closer with their due dates arriving soon. At the moment Lily and Magenta are doing their regular routine minus walks. They are still very playful and active. Once they start to slow down and wanting to do less, we will start to get supplies together and get ready for delivery day. Soon I will be able to start feeling babies move... such a wonderful and miraculous feeling. They have gotten a little finicky with their food which is normal around this phase of pregnancy, so we have been adding in treats to entice them to eat. My favorite time of day is when I'm sat on the sofa watching a movie and I have one of the girls snuggled up to me, giving them tummy rubs.

Lily and Magenta at 6 weeks Pregnant

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