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Our Puppies Are 6 Weeks Old

Where has all the time gone? It only seems like the other day Elvira was in labor and I was getting everything ready for her new little arrivals. Then on the 31st of May it happened, active labor started and the first puppy was born. Then another, and another... ending with 5 total, five boys one girl. All super precious, chunky and very healthy. Now today I look at our beautiful puppies realizing that in just two more weeks they will start leaving us. It is a sad day for us when they go, but I am very happy for the families taking our babies home, knowing that their puppy is going to bring them so much joy. Today they get their second worming and in a few days microchipped. They are now eating dry puppy food with no issues and learning to use the litter pan set up better. No matter how many times I have a litter, I am always amazed at how much they learn in such a short period of time.

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